Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Removing the danger from the power supply of my RepRap

For a long time my printers power supply was in prototype mode ;-) which means that the mains supply cables are mounted dirctly to the PSU terminals, no fuse no protection from being touched. Risk of electronic shock was high.

The power supply i'm using is the Meanwell SP-320 24V.

I decided to use a power inlet module with 2-pole swich and integrated fuse holder for maximum safety. The module i am using is the Bulgin BZH01/Z0000/11 fused Power Inlet Module with illuminated 2-pole switch. (Farnell: 9997237).

The images showing the result. For 230V supply voltage a slow 2.5A 5x20mm fuse is recommended.

The protective cover is available at Thingiverse.

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