Saturday, May 11, 2013

Testing the 205W Kapton heater foil from a RepRap-Forum member

Currently I'm switching from 12V to 24V supplyvoltage on my MendelMax. As first step i ordered a 24V 200W Kapton heating foil from a reprap forum member (Le-Seaw). It has an embedded EPCOS Thermistor, the cables are approx. 0.5m long.


  • Supply voltage 24V
  • Power rating 205W
  • Cable length approx. 0.5m
  • Embedded EPCOS Thermistor 100k (ErikZalm/Marlin Thermistor type 1)
  • Size 205x205mm²


I mouted this to a 230x230x2mm³ aluminium plate

230x230x2mm³ Aluminium Plate
Kapton Heater with EPCOS Thermistor
Some shrink tubing over the cables gives stability
Finally added Molex connectors and protective fabric hose


Current consumption

I'm operating the board with my easy electronics at 24V from a Meanwell SP320-24. Current consumption is 9.6A which gives 230W which is 12% out of spec.


It heats up in less than 4 min. to 95°C mounted on a 2mm aluminium plate (230x230x2mm³) mounted on a wooden plate with a 1mm silicone interposer. Temperature reading in Marlin is 93.5°C.


It looks and feels like a high quality product. It is easy to applicate to a aluminium plate. Cables are a little bit short and very stiff. Thermistor gives accurate board temperatures when configured in Marlin as Type 1 thermistor.

What can be improved?

  • Really flexible cables, may be four for the heater with smaller diameter
  • Longer cables, at least 75cm better 1m
  • Reduce the power a little bit to reduce the powersupply load. With 230W a 13A powersupply plus 2 Extruders is bejond its limits. 7.5A (180W) could be a good compromise.
That's all for now....

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